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Particle AnalysIs

Olympus MicroscopeEngineered Lubricants uses the Olympus MX 61 Particle Inspector System for the accurate detection, counting, classification and measurement of reside/particulates according to ISO and USP standards.

We use the following operations to perform particle analyses on samples:

  • Hiac Automatic Particle Count (CM, SAE, NAS, & ISO Codes) uses different formats to report oil cleanliness readings.
  • Direct Read (DR) Ferrography
  • Ferrographic Analysis
  • Gravimetric (ASTM D4898) is a filtration procedure to separate and measure particulate in a fluid sample.
  • Particle Counting/Analysis by Optical Microscope (ISO 16232/ 4406/ 4407, more options available)

Learn more about particle analysis at EL.