Lab Facility

General Lab FacilityAt Engineered Lubricants, we have developed one of the finest and most advanced lubricant testing facilities available. The capabilities of our laboratory are instrumental in lubricant design, quality control, and investigative analyses for our customers’ support.

Our Used Oil and Used Fluid Testing Programs (UOTP and UFTP) have been designed to not only maintain our fluid lubricants, but also support preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, leakage control, and effluent reduction. Our laboratory services are performed in-house and have proven invaluable to our customers in cost reduction and cost prevention.

For more information about our laboratory services, please contact 800/876-0008, ext. 3025 or

Lab Facility

Research & Development

Engineered Lubricants believes that ongoing research and development is crucial to providing customers with the best products available. Not only does the laboratory do extensive internal research and development daily, but the same services are available to our customers.

EL has the ability to do cutting-edge testing on almost any type of fluid. The custom testing options are practically limitless, from the test materials to test methods. Our laboratory includes a one-of-a-kind Epsilon Linear Precision Test Machine for performance testing of products ranging from water-based coolants to way oils. 

Whether you need a new product to use in your equipment or additional testing on a fluid or raw material you manufacture, our research and development team can help.