Oil Tanker TruckEngineered Lubricants manufactures high-quality lubricating oils and greases for industrial manufacturing equipment. Most of our brands include a value-added laboratory analysis service. Proper monitoring of lubricants is the key to preventive maintenance and cost savings for our customers.

Lubricant suppliers do not create universal oil products. And while some manufacturers and consumers view lubricants as disposable products that need continual replacement, we believe that proper preventative maintenance programs can extensively extend the life of lubrication products, requiring minimal to no replacement over time. 

Separating metal surfaces, reducing wear on equipment, transferring heat, protecting against corrosion, providing seals, transmitting energy and flushing away debris are just some of the roles lubricants play in manufacturing settings, making it essential that customers begin with a quality lubricant and end with a proven preventative maintenance program.

EL’s complete line of lubricants is selectively blended to withstand or outperform in the most severe applications, ensuring that our customer’s facility equipment is properly protected.

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