MetalworkingEngineered Lubricants produces a full line of metalworking and process fluids, ranging from conventional-based petroleum products, semi, synthetic, full-synthetic and water-based chemistries. EL is experienced in helping manufacturers consolidate processes by eliminating steps in the process or consolidating required fluids. We most often see opportunity for improvements in recovery and waste minimization, prolonged service life, improved performance, response to environmental issues and cost improvements.  

Improvement in the overall production processes is our focus. While companies often place emphasis on reducing production costs as the primary way to remain competitive, we maintain that the real measure of cost is in the process.   

Our goal is to help our customers reduce the cost per part for the company’s entire usage of fluids (cutting or forming fluids, cleaners, and corrosion inhibitors) in its production process. Selection of the appropriate fluid for a process depends on the equipment used in the process, customer goals, and directions where improvements can be made.  

EL has extensive laboratory capabilities that enable an experienced team of salesmen to support customer operations through monitoring existing fluids and investigating improvements in fluid formulations. Our capability to manufacture in large or small quantities enables the proper formulation to meet precise needs in specific applications, especially where customers may experience difficulties where improvements are possible. Our product line is not limited to a catalog of basic products for use in every application. Many of our products are customized for each customer’s needs, allowing them to realize optimum performance and use.  

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