* Denotes Testing Preformed by Quality Approved Outside Laboratory
† Denotes ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited

* Denotes Testing Preformed by Quality Approved Outside Laboratory
† Denotes ISO 17025 Accredited

Significant Cost Savings…
“Before EL’s programs we changed hydraulic oil annually. Now it is changed only when testing data indicates it is necessary and in most cases the oil can remain in service for many years. This has generated a significant cost savings by reducing our annual consumption by 40-60%, the associated labor costs and significant waste disposal expenses. Thank you for the service you and your company have provided. We consider these services essential to keeping our maintenance costs under control and equipment performance and uptime as high as possible.”

Bryan Young, Engineering Manager, Hilite International

Improved Production, Reduced Down Time…
“We were having many machine lubrication problems such as bearing failures due to incorrect type of lubricant being used; not enough lubricant; too much lubricant or improper frequency of lubrication. Since we are motor manufacturers and not lubrication engineers, we decided to select an outside firm that could set up a lubrication program and provide the proper lubricants for us. I am pleased that we selected Engineered Lubricants. Your lubrication program and products has contributed much to our improved production and greatly reduced our machine bearing failures and down time.”

Richard Fowler, Maintenance Planner, General Electric Specialty Motor Department

Excellent Service…
“I want to thank you for the excellent service that your company has provided to the GE Motors Plant in Springfield, Missouri. We made an emergency request to Engineered Lubricants’ testing facilities by asking for a comparative analysis of oils used to lubricate our sleeve bearings. The prompt analytic service you performed for us helped to identify and eliminate a potential problem to our lubrication systems performance. We want to thank you for the outstanding service that you have provided us on a regular basis and this circumstance only proved once again the value of your company’s service.”

Burt Haun, Manager, Technology, General Electric Company Motor Business Group

Great Service…
“We ran into a need for some way oil for a new machine we purchased. Buying the new machine, we overlooked getting extra of this vital component and production shut down when we didn’t have it. I called your office with a part number and within a few minutes received a call back that EL could provide this as needed. I was only 4 minutes away and when I walked in the door the label was being applied to our container. Wow, now that is great service. I have always found the staff at EL to be most knowledgeable and supportive and that is why I recommend to anyone who is interested to contact and use Engineered Lubricants.”

Troy Frame, Product Development Manager, W.D. Quinn Saw Co.