Press Release 27 June, 2023 – Engineered Lubricants Announces Latest State of the Art Technology

Engineered Lubricants is excited to announce the purchase of a new Scanning Electron Microscope to
further expand our extensive testing laboratory capabilities. Since 1967 Engineered Lubricants has
heavily invested in state-of-the-art technology for the lubrication industry, providing testing and R & D
services for all members of the lubrication industry, from customers to suppliers.

Engineered Lubricant’s current SEM services include ISO 16232 to ensure part cleanliness, ISO 4406
particle analysis, elemental analysis of particles and parts, and failure analysis. The upgrade to Phenom
Particle X SEM/EDS brings higher resolution and magnification, as well as higher processing and
reporting speed. Delivery is expected early third quarter 2023 and will be included in the scope of the
current ISO 17025 laboratory accreditation.

A novel use aside from particle analysis with the Phenom SEM is the evaluation of fiber formation in
grease thickener manufacturing, where research and development efforts are focused on varying time
and temperature conditions to affect change in fiber formation. As the grease manufacturing field is
undergoing significant rapid advancements, these SEM capabilities contribute greatly to R&D
efforts. Below are two images of a lithium grease thickener taken under two magnifications:

With the addition of the Phenom Particle X SEM/EDS, Engineered Lubricants is bringing the most current
technology and improved capabilities to the already advanced testing laboratory, offering customized
and standardized testing to the lubricant market at competitive rates.