When you think of “custom products,” you may think of high cost. But the truth is that the initial cost to create a customized lubricant is minimal—less than one percent of the overall cost of your maintenance expense. Although it’s true that a lubricant can have the single greatest impact to your bottom line, selecting the best product for your application is what gives you the competitive advantage.

Cost per gallon should be only a small factor in deciding which lubricant is best for you. Choosing the best product is also about cost avoidance (drain interval, disposal of used oil, repair and replacement parts, labor and overtime for service and repairs, and unscheduled downtime).

Your Problem-Solvers
If you have an application and your current catalog product is not meeting your facility’s needs, Engineered Lubricants can help. For decades, EL has been working with manufacturers and original equipment manufacturer suppliers to develop products to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs. Whether you need a lubricant that can go to the moon or lubricate your bowling lane, EL can show you the potential solutions by evaluating your fluids, requirements and constraints to determine if a superior product exists—all at no cost to you.

Our 10 Lubrication Specialists have more than 200 combined years of industry experience, using an on-site triboligy laboratory that works hand-in-hand to develop the products you need and provide supporting data to select the best product.

EL can help you with:

  • Machining, forming or stamping a new alloy where performance is limited
  • Metalworking fluid (MWF) that is foaming, going sour, corroding (aluminum and ferrous alloys), smoke or misting
  • Premature tool wear with cobalt leaching out of carbide tooling
  • Eliminating a secondary operation, such as washing prior to welding or painting, additional application of R/P
  • Residue issues
  • Unwanted chemistries and restrictions including:Chlorine (aerospace), sulfur, DEA (MWF), DCHA (MWF), phenolic (MWF), halogens, natural latex products (medical industry), phthalate plasticizers (medical Industry), bovine or animal derived (medical Industry), flash point (safety and disposal), pH, VOC content, and seal, gasket, plastic or paint compatibility