ENCOTE products are Engineered Lubricant’s line of corrosion inhibitors. Many are common chemistries used in conventional applications for ferrous corrosion prevention (rust inhibitors). Additionally, we provide corrosion protection for all metals, and can customize a solution for a specific application.  On occasions, a customer may require corrosion protection, without utilizing or introducing chemicals that could cause problems in successive operations such as welding, and later, cleaning. Products for corrosion protection can be oil-based, solvent-based and water-extendable. They can be formulated from conventional components used traditionally for decades, and they sometimes are made from newer synthetic products. For the purpose of eliminating a separate operation to apply inhibitors, EL will work with customers to develop their process to eliminate successive operations by incorporating corrosion protection in the fluids at the metalworking operation or in the rinse solution after washing. Our laboratory can work with actual customer-supplied materials in customizing a solution that meets specific customer-defined goals.

ENCLEAN products are EL’s line of industrial cleaners, ranging from dip and spray wash solutions to machine cleaners and can incorporate corrosion protection to eliminate additional processing. Rinse agents also are available to ensure spot-free and corrosion-free parts are delivered after the final rinse. Chemistries often are customized for the materials, processes and soils to be removed. Common cleaning chemistries may be solvent-based or water-based. They can be derived from botanical renewable resources and other environmentally friendly sources. Much of our work beyond fluid formulation that optimizes the cleaning application includes ongoing used fluid support with lab testing of used materials and support for managing the solutions in process for maximum service life, effectiveness and the minimization of waste.

Additionally, EL has de-burring compounds for vibratory and finishing processes.