Engineered Lubricants’ innovative lubrication survey puts us a step above the rest. Our thorough lubrication survey outlines all of the required lubrication for every piece of machinery at the plant. This includes production equipment, conveyors, exhaust fans, cranes, forklifts, etc. Every piece of equipment that uses lubricants will be included in our survey. All lubrication points are documented with pictures, making this an integral tool for your personnel to properly perform their duties.

See a sample lubrication survey.

In order to provide our customers with optimum cost savings, we believe our lubrication surveys need to be this thorough. Each survey includes specific instructions for each machine, rather than general recommendations for a group of machines. Because “similar” machines seldom have the exact lubrication requirements, we inspect each piece of equipment, indicating the quantity and location of all grease fittings, reservoirs and gearboxes.

Each lubrication survey is accompanied by survey cards, which lubrication personnel use on their daily routes. These scheduling cards help your personnel achieve optimum efficiency. In addition, we provide our customers with reservoir tags for all lubricant reservoirs to avoid use of the wrong product.

We also offer XEM, a PC-based system that comes pre-loaded with all lubrication-related maintenance requirements. The system generates bar-coded work orders that allow for easy recording of completed tasks. In addition, this system can control Tool Crib/MRO inventories, provide machine maintenance histories, graphical reports, and exception lists. We also offer this system in a network version. Please contact your EL representative for more details.

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