Engineered Lubricants has been a leader in preventative maintenance since its inception. With the ultimate goals of preventing breakdowns, increasing productivity and reducing costs, companies cannot afford to forgo a preventative maintenance program.

While lubricants and the costs to apply them generally represent less than two percent of an average maintenance budget, they affect 50 percent of the maintenance budget and most certainly affect productivity. But an effective preventative maintenance program, combined with our products and testing service, can help companies realize significant cost reductions.

Preventative maintenance, including accurate scheduled lubrication and oil analysis, keeps plants running at capacity by preventing failures often caused by lack of lubrication and use of wrong lubricants, as well as particle, moisture and chemical contaminants in the lubricants.

We design our preventative maintenance programs to help our customers meet competitive pressures by making dramatic improvements in equipment utilization, productivity and reduction of maintenance costs.

There is no contract or upfront costs to establish these programs. We are so confident in the success of our programs that we take all the risk by focusing our efforts on establishing the program even though the payback is typically a minimum of two to three years.

Because a thorough understanding of lubricants is essential for any effective preventative maintenance program, Engineered Lubricants offers in-plant training that addresses the need for different lubricants for different applications. Training includes how to lubricate electric motors, how to grease applications and how much product should be applied, the importance of regular frequency, how temperature affects lubricant selections, keeping lubricants free of contaminants, plus many others.

After a lubrication survey has been completed, we train the oilers on the location of all lubrication points on a machine-by-machine basis. This one-on-one process helps oilers have a successful knowledge of lubrication needs for each machine.This is the most important part of any maintenance effort because complete knowledge directly affects maintenance costs.

Our ongoing support ensures continued success of the lubrication program.

Service VisitsEngineered Lubricants makes regular service visits to its customers. During each visit, we spend time with lubrication personnel, update lubrication data on new or modified equipment, obtain used oil testing samples, look for lubrication systems in need of repair, work on recycling projects, and troubleshoot equipment failures. We also may make recommendations to modify or correct equipment, including the addition of heat exchangers, elimination of contamination, and filtration upgrades, which may be causing lubricant degradation.

Service is the key to our whole program. Our customer-focused services, combined with performance- based lubricants, are what generate significant savings through preventive maintenance lubrication.

Stop Leak TagsMillions of gallons of lubricants are lost in the industry due to leakage every year! However, when leaks are repaired, lubricant consumption can be virtually eliminated, and disposal, recycling and cleaning costs are dramatically reduced, helping customers realize significant cost savings.

Engineered Lubricants also provides customers with Stop Leak Tags so you can be assured in one quick glance that your equipment is operating at optimum performance.

Are you ready for a preventative maintenance program?

We believe our products and value-added services help us stand out among the competition.