Lubricate, conserve and save is our approach to a successful lubrication program. Our goal is to help our customers achieve a level of “O” effluent wherever our products are used.

Recyclable fluids typically are those that leak from pressurized re-circulating systems. We have implemented successful recycling programs for these fluids at several of our customers’ plants.

The most cost-effective method of recycling is leakage control. When fluids are kept in the machine,they do not have to be disposed of, replaced or recycled.Potential savings for a recycling program typically are at least 50 percent of the cost of new fluid. Savings can vary depending on disposal costs, cost of replacement material and the contaminants that need to be removed.

When customers recycle our lubricants, we receive a sample after filtration. This testing ensures each batch is of the highest quality, and we have the information to make recommendations for additive replenishment or additional filtration, if needed.

Recyclability of leaked fluids depends on the type of fluid and amount of contaminants in the fluid. We customize our recycling programs to address specific plant issues for each of our customers. We can determine if your plant is a candidate, and we will design a system to meet your specific needs.