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We are pleased to announce our Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and labels are currently authored in compliance with the 2012 OSHA Hazard Communication Standard 29CFR 1910.1200.  If you are in need of an updated SDS please email At Engineered Lubricants, we are committed to protecting the welfare of the users and the environment

Custom Products


When you think of “custom products,” you may think of high cost. But the truth is that the initial cost to create a customized lubricant is minimal—less than one percent of the overall cost of your maintenance expense. Although it’s true that a lubricant can have the single greatest impact to your bottom line,

Rust Prevention & Cleaners


ENCOTE products are Engineered Lubricant’s line of corrosion inhibitors. Many are common chemistries used in conventional applications for ferrous corrosion prevention (rust inhibitors). Additionally, we provide corrosion protection for all metals, and can customize a solution for a specific application.  On occasions, a customer may require corrosion protection, without utilizing or introducing chemicals that

Metalworking Fluids


Engineered Lubricants produces a full line of metalworking and process fluids, ranging from conventional-based petroleum products, semi, synthetic, full-synthetic and water-based chemistries. EL is experienced in helping manufacturers consolidate processes by eliminating steps in the process or consolidating required fluids. We most often see opportunity for improvements in recovery and waste minimization, prolonged service



Engineered Lubricants manufactures high-quality lubricating oils and greases for industrial manufacturing equipment. Most of our brands include a value-added laboratory analysis service. Proper monitoring of lubricants is the key to preventive maintenance and cost savings for our customers. Lubricant suppliers do not create universal oil products. And while some manufacturers and consumers view lubricants

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